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Stan Smith and Rebirth of Cool


I felt the need to cleanse my apartment after emerging from my four-day flu, a heinous experience that Nyquil made slightly relaxing. I’m not big on cleaning my house (I don’t have an Adderall prescription.) Also, I don’t do dishes because I don’t like when my hands smell like sink water. Since I live with my boyfriend, I cleanse our apartment to pull my weight. Cleansing is tricky and it’s just as important as cleaning. Sometimes it means moving our furniture into a more calming shape; sometimes it means curating a playlist for the day. Yesterday, I knew it meant rethinking my accessory situation. It was the only way to restore my house to its après-flu state.

Of course, I gravitated toward Stan Smith sneakers as a solution. They’re white-as-hospitals-and-just-as-clean look seemed to be what I needed after falling ill. These shoes are surprisingly back en vogue (confirmed, was on Man Repeller) even though Stan Smith himself has been retired for 30 years now.  The shoe seemed destined to be forgotten by all but tennis-players and busy moms. Now the shoes are trotting across a Celine runway on the toes of Phoebe Philo.

Maybe it’s precisely because the shoe is so old that Stan Smiths feels more Sneakerhead than country club. It acts a visual reference. To me the shoe calls back the 2003 Making Da Band Air Force One craze. Obviously, that’s not where everyone’s mind is going to go. But there is definitely something hip-hop in these bright white Addidas sneakers and for me that’s the biggest drawl. The shoes feel as authentically east-cost as strong eyebrows did three years ago.

Anyway, it’s nice to see a sneaker beside the Isabella Marant hidden wedge number being worn by the Céline-wearing women of the world. And this shoe cost under $100, which only adds to the charm. Unlike a $3,000 purse, this is an accessory that every one has access to, but only a few can rock, making it quintessentially cool.

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